Of course the topic data protection in the Internet is particularly important. ATGsecure Systems GmbH as a quality provider attaches special importance to the security and protection of your data. Following we will inform you how carefully and conscientiously ATGsecure Systems GmbH uses your data. Do you have further questions, please contact our data protection representative.

Inventory Data

By submitting your first order we will collect your personal data;

· Title
· First name, Surame
· Company
· Street, Number
· Country, Postcode, City
· Telephone
· Telefax
· eMail-Address
· Date of Birth
· Bank details (IBAN, BIC, Bank Name, Account Holder)

This data are recorded centrally and will used for the processing the contractual relationship.

Period of Data Storage

The data of inventory data will be deleted latest at the end of calendar year following the year in which the contract was ended, unless special reasons are in conflict to this in specific isolated cases. As far as customers have raised objections regarding the amount of the invoiced service fees, the account data are stored until the dispute has been finally clarified.
Further, inventory data can be stored for a period of two years unless complaint-work as well as other reasons of a proper processing the contractual relationship this require. The deletion of inventory and billing data may be omitted if this stipulated by legal regulations or if these are required for the prosecution of claims.

Securing of stored Data

An access to your data, stored in our database, is granted by us only through an encrypted connection. Third parties therefore have no opportunity to inspect these data or to use.
By using most modern firewall systems, we ensure the maximum protection of your data. Also the entire order process via our homepage and use of the customer menus operates exclusively via an SSL-encrypted connection.

Handling of captured Data

Each time an order is submitted or the customer menu is used, your current IP address together with the current time of day, the date as well as your performed activity is stored by us. This data will naturally not be used to draw up a user profile or anything similar. However, it can be used and disclosed by the order of a competent court, used when requested by an investigating authority or evidentiary purposes.
Also this data will be deleted at the end of the calendar year following the year in which the contract ends, unless in the individual case particular reasons do not exist (e.g. litigation).

Passing on Information to Third Parties

In the context of larger orders or applications targeting the raising of credit limits within our real time order system we reserve the right to conduct a check of creditworthiness. Should payments be delayed we reserve the right to assign a collection agency to collect the amount in arrears. For this purpose the relevant data may be transmitted to be used by the collection agency in keeping with all data security regulations. There may be absolutely exceptional instances in which is may also be necessary to submit your data set to a third party when this is necessary to fulfill contractual items. In this case we make provisions to ensure that such this company treats your data set with the same responsibility and trustworthiness as we do.
If directed by a court of law, at the summons of an investigating authority or for the process of securing evidence (e.g. breach of our Terms and Conditions) the data and information stored by us can be used within the scope of current laws and be disclosed towards third parties should this be necessary.
Important: Your data will never and no circumstances be passed on to third parties unless this is not absolutely necessary as outlined above. No account we will sell your data, pass them on for advertising purposes or use them beyond the necessary scope.