Holistic security of your communication !

Tap-proof & easy to use

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ATGcall offers outstanding global and international data security with personal inviolability and global accessibility for telephone conversations and conference calls. With ATGcall your phone calls and conferences are tap-proof with outstanding voice quality at most simple operability.

By using an End-to-End encryption on highest level ATGcall provides maximum protection against all types of data corruption for telephone conversations in changing environments.

Pioneering in the tap-proof communication!

Messaging secure & fast

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Developed and realized for demanding markets ATGchat combines mobile communication security with protection of your privacy. With protection against eavesdropping on highest level and "easy to use" ATGchat was designed for use by governments, agencies and companies.

ATGchat, tap-proof by extreme encryption, to send and receive text and voice messages, picture messages and sharing files.

End-to-End encryption Authenticity check Perfect Forward Secrecy

Mobile office secure & flexible

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Wherever you are, your tap-proof and flexible Office is already there!

Whether sensitive data should be available or tap-proof communications as eMail and SMS messages should be performed - with the ATGcloud you have your tap-proof Office "on board" worldwide. Manage your appointments, access to your contacts or view your tasks - you get the maximum security and flexibility with the ATGcloud.

ATGcloud is technically and security-oriented the most outstanding Mobile Office Solution for business-critical information and communication!

Secure - Tough - Resistant

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Far away from the standard of usual ToGo Cellphones, ATGmobile is pioneering in features such as "IP67", "MIL-STD-810", "Enhanced Security" and operating temperatures from "-20°C to +55°C"!

External and internal security of communication devices are the basis of the operational capability - even in extreme situations.

ATGmobile offer you necessary and situational security features for "security services", "police", "guard services", military" and government personel!