... fast and secure Messaging

The "easy to use" and secure messaging alphaChat was developed and realized for use by governments, agencies and companies.
alphaChat uses a transport encryption for connectivity, in which content protected by a further end-to-end encryption, can be transported from device to device.
In addition, an authenticity check ensures the identity of the interlocutor.


... extreme protection against eavesdropping by high-end encryption

Transport encryption
   for a highly secure connectivity
   on highest niveau

Authenticity check
   for ensuring identity of the interlocutor by QR-Scan of
   the fingerprint of the interlocutor

Perfect Forward Secrecy

alphaChat - the only truly secure chat!


Messaging and more!

alphaChat combines the mobile security with the protection of privacy - developed and realized for demanding markets!

"Easy to use" alphaChat provides the sending and receiving of text messages, voice messages, picture messages and file exchange in real time as well as in offline mode of the interlocutor.

alphaChat - send and receive short messages tap-proof by extreme encryption!

Transport encryption
ensures a tap-proof, highly encrypted connectivity to the alphaChat nodes
End-to-End encryption
at the highest level as an additional level for ensuring tap-proof communication
from device to device
ATGchat Access Protection
legitimacy transmitted through encrypted passphrase
Authenticity check
for ensuring identity of the interlocutor by QR-Scan of the fingerprint of the interlocutor
ATGsecR Encryption
with dynamically changing short lived keys
Perfect Forward Secrecy
by selecting ATGsecR encryption
ATGsecP Encryption
with additional security by Passphrase in real-time and offline communication
Messaging by
text messages
voice messages
image messages
file exchange


alphaChat - designed and realized for use by governments, agencies and companies!


Operating System (required)
  Android 4.4 bis 6.0
Transport Encryption
  TLS with AES256
RSA 4096
End-to-End Encryption
  - AES
  - DH
  - Krypto-Hash
  - Private Key
  - Public Key
  - Passphrase
Short lived key
  - Perfect Forward Secrecy
  - Break Backward Protection
Authenticity check
  QR scan
Visual comparison
Legitimization Passphrase
  alphaChat node access protection
  Text messages
Voice messages
Image messages
File exchange


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